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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When Disaster Strikes...One Year Later

I've been uncertain when to post this as I know those who most need it probably can't go online.  It's the anniversary of our house flood last year, but it looks puny compared to the flooding, fire, and other disasters I hope are not affecting you or your family.  Whether it's us or others we know, I hope a multi-part series I put on my blog last year helps. 
The series opened saying:

When Disaster Strikes First Aid Kit

November is a month dominated by the Thanksgiving holiday.  What do you do when circumstances make it hard to be thankful?

Whether it's worry over health of your own or someone you love, a disaster, the irritation and difficulties of dealing with construction, whatever has you Coping with Chaos, this month I want to create a First Aid Kit for whenever you may need it.  This is a bit more personal than I expect most posts here, as my own personal need caused me to create this month's topic. 

Blogs crazy format puts the most recent information first, so has a webliography/bibliography of resources, but it also includes ideas and suggestions gathered from my storytelling family. 
I'm finally forcing myself and Tom to finish our paperwork.  We delayed touching it and I'm hopeful it's not too late.  Dealing with it was incredibly demoralizing.  Even a year later it hurts to see book titles, for example, of what was lost.  A year later we wondered if ever again we might return to anything awful when absent from home.  If I've any recommendations after a year, it's get your paperwork done as fast as you can.  Things have been forgotten we should have listed, but not the pain.  We hope now it will start to ease.
LoiS(torytelling business and other things always seemed more important than facing this)

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