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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Energy...Cutting Back?

Bad memory?  Doing too much?

Dunno, but this is same wrist broken a year ago & am exhausted!  Last year taught sign language class left-handed...great mental exercise switching from dominant hand.  Feel more beaten up than a few years ago in chemo!  At least my hair stays, but needs help.

Am typing strictly left-handed in case my overly-sensitive nerves under cast need rest.  I know it affects my sleep.

Being a high-energy person this is maddening.  Can force enough out to do storytelling gigs without it hindering performance, but beyond that?  I'm also 2 weeks from an admittedly minor, but fun, role in The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  Have looked forward to all the improvisation the show involves.  It's a musical supposedly performed by a ragtag group called the Music Hall Royale in 1895.  The show within the show, after improvising with the audience and an opening song, begins with this explanation:
 and there's other opportunities throughout the show for the performers to let their other selves pop out...complete with dialects.  For my part I have chosen to be the only Scot among all those Brits. . .

Scotland Forever! At Waterloo 200 website find this explanation about the painting:

This wonderful painting depicts the 2nd (Royal North British) Regiment of Dragoons, a British cavalry regiment later known as the ‘Scots Greys’, at full charge during the Battle of Waterloo. It was not only painted by a woman, which was rare enough among battlefield artists of the 19th century, but by a woman who had never witnessed a battle.

Lois:  There's more, so I hope you visit the Waterloo site and also Wikipedia's article about Scotland_Forever!

This important painting of the Waterloo battle was made in 1881, so this Scottish rallying cry seems apt for my character.   The topic of being a British Subject, but not English, is also cause for song in the show.  

Can you tell I really want to do this?  I even have a story ready about how my arm got in a cast.

What to do?

I once looked back at those months while in chemo and decided I was right to cancel gigs because my energy level was definitely NOT my normal.  Unfortunately -- or maybe fortunately for my own craving activity -- February has storytelling gigs, some other work, and the show is the final 2 weekends in February.  It's not possible to cancel or find replacements this close to their dates.  I am going to rest this arm.  Having my fingers outside the cast has let me try to do too much.  Hopefully I only have to wear it for 1 week further in March and not until mid-March.

It's a matter of prioritizing.  Singers often must rest their voices.  Theatre origins and training long ago taught me: Your body is your instrument, so take care of it.  

I'm trying, but as my family knows, the reply to that is: Yes, you're very trying!

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