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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mark Wilson's home

Mark enjoyed Jackson, California, up in the mountains where he lived.  It's what made him my "WP" or Western Pal.  The package he sent had his wonderful sun-dried tomatoes, coffee, and so much more packed with the love he freely dispensed to his storytelling friends.  Enjoy the view!
Ye olde clothesline (LSK: Yes, that's Mark's description and the first view of his place other than the one  of him standing next to his beloved and fabulous tomato plants which opened this series)
Pond I put in last year (LSK: That would be 2005)
Another shot of the pond with 'orchard site of the future' beyond it

Box o' maters

More termaters

Start of drying process
Tomato plants

View off the back porch
Flowers and cactus

Close up

Another back porch photo

My truck
A store in town (one I like)

Me at the gallery tour in Bellingham

Your storytelling family will miss you, Mark!

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