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Saturday, March 22, 2014

There's a reason they call it...

There's a reason the week before a show opens is called Hell Week.  I know it's not necessarily true a bad dress rehearsal means a good show, but this past week has gone from the depths of the nether regions to heaven last night at opening!

Usually I try to keep out extraneous personal matters from Storytelling + Research = LoiS, but I am more than just storytelling and the research it requires.  My earliest roots and undergraduate degree are in the theater.  During the years as a librarian it was impossible to take part in shows because of my schedule.  It's small wonder storytelling became my outlet.  When I became a full-time storyteller I resolved to do a show a year, although there have been a few times I stretched that a bit.  The two art forms are closely related and serve each other well.  Two years ago I did my first musical since college and loved it!  Dance is my favorite exercise, so musicals give plenty of exercise. 

I knew Sweet Charity was a wonderful show and the Lakeland Players production has had everything it needs to make it entertaining.  Sure there have been curves and chaos, but opening went splendidly!  Here's the facts.  If you can make it, I'd love to see you there!

Something not noted, but you might want to know, is the Wednesday March 26th performance ONLY, if you bring 2 canned goods to donate to the Church's pantry all tickets purchased at the door will be $2.00 off

By next weekend I hope to be caught up enough to bring back another in the Keeping the Public in Public Domain series.  My mind is already working ahead to another research project, so it pays to check here regularly.

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