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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mother's Day Story in "Bones" Format

Back on April 18 I posted on Literacy and the "bones" of stories.  Here's the bones of a fun story for Mother's Day.  The great thing about Story Bones is you make the story your own and can learn it Quickly!

The "Be Nice" story about the mother who stroked her pregnant-with-twins belly constantly saying, "Be nice." Nine months - no births, nine years - no births - finally when the woman is in her nineties and about to die, she gives birth to two old men who are arguing, "No, no. please, you go first." 

That's from Jackie Baldwin's wonderful S.O.S. -- Searching Out Stories section under Patience in section 9's Emotions, the General category.  That same section, a bit further has The Human Condition and you might want to look there at Parenting stories, even though it says "Parenting - Discipline Stories."  I particularly liked #4 there.  What is it?  A great idea for getting help with housecleaning.  Look it up.

Her site won't be growing further, so you may want to know many of the suggestions on it came from fellow storytellers on the Storytell email list hosted by the National Storytelling Network.  It's an excellent resource.

I'll be back next with a wonderful Public Domain story easily used for Memorial Day plus some resources on the holiday.  (To see more, click on Keeping the Public in Public Domain where I frequently offer Public Domain stories too good to be forgotten.  There are 64 so far and I'm only in the "D" authors working my way through my collection.)

Until then, Happy Mother's Day.

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