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Saturday, July 21, 2018

The Hodja Still Lives! - Part 3

This is one of my favorite Hodja books

(Also try Kelsey's Once the Mullah as many of those stories are just the Hodja in a different setting.  Did you notice Once the Hodja is in the links below? )
Today's information about the Hodja will be great if you want to find more stories on your own, but otherwise you won't find any stories here.  I do however give you the means to get to some and they even are categorized into six topics.

In my "The Hodja Still Lives! - Part 2" I said today's information would come from Erol Beyman's site, which now can only be found on the Wayback Machine (part of  That link takes you back to July 6, 2004.  I am omitting the PREFACE, INTRODUCTION, GRAPHICS, and LIFE STORY you will find there as I think it's information I've already covered or, in the case of the Graphics, it's difficult to download.  TRAINING has Reading Exercises with 6 stories (Nasreddin and the Pot; Nasreddin Goes Shopping; Nasreddin and the Beggar; Nasreddin and the Smell of Soup; Nasreddin the Ferry Man; Nasreddin's Visitiors). Each checks for Reading Comprehension; Recreating the Story; and Summarizing the Story: Gap-fill Exercise. There's also a section on Learning Exercises with the the story of Nasreddin and the Candles, but I'm told the Java Applets tend to crash browsers, so I didn't try that section.  Instead I bring you Beyman's SOURCES and LINKS.  If you click on STORIES there's a 6-pronged graphic grouping the stories into categories of Family Troubles; Neighborhood; Town Conversations; Animal; Business Life; World Questions.
SOURCES  ( I know these are not all the books, but it gives you an excellent assortment of 20th century publications, including foreign language versions.)
Tales of Nasr-Ed-Din Khoja
Sir Valentine Chirol, Translated by Henry D. Barnham, C.M.G.
Nisbet & Co. Ltd. (London, 1923)

Once the Hodja
Alice Geer Kelsey. Illustrated by Frank Dobias (New York, 1943)

Tales of the Hodja
Charles Downing. Illustated by Willliam Papas (New York, 1965)

The exploits of the incomparable Mulla Nasrudin
Idries Shah. Drawn by Richard Williams (1966)

The pleasentries of the incredible Mulla Nasrudin
Idries Shah. Drawn by Richard Williams (1977)

The Example of the journal Molla Nasreddin in Azarbaijan
H. B. Paksoy, Prof. Dr. Erling von Mende & Baymirza Hayit Festschrift. (Koln, 1988)

Nasr Eddin Hodja, un drôle d'idiot
Auteur/Author: Maunoury Jean-Louis

Sublimes paroles et idioties de Nasr Eddin Hodja
Auteur/Author: Maunoury Jean-Louis, Editeur/Publisher: Phebus (1990)

Tales Alive in Turkey
Dr. Warren S. Walker & Dr. Ahmet E. Uysal (Lubbock, Texas, 1990)

Classic Tales of Mulla Masreddin
MHouman Farzad (Published 1990)

Watermelons, Walnuts and The Wisdom Of Allah, And The Other Tales Of Hodja
Barbara K. Walker. Illustrated by Harold Berson (Published 1991)

The Tales of Nasreddin Hodja
Compiled by: Raymond C.Clark, Illustrated by: Robert MacLean
Pro Lingua Associates Brattleboro, VT USA 800-366-4775 (Published 1991)

More Tales Alive in Turkey
Dr. Warren S. Walker & Dr. Ahmet E. Uysal. (Lubbock, Texas, 1992)

Nasreddin Hodja
Alpay Kabacali, Illustrations by Fatih M. Durmus
Net Bookstores, ISBN 975-479-123-6 (Istanbul, 1992)

Sublimi parole e facezie di Nasr Eddin Hodja, Luni
Auteur/Author: Maunoury Jean-Louis (1994)

202 Jokes of Nasreddin Hodja
Tuncay Yurtsever
Minyatür Bookstores, 87.34.Y.0044.21 (Istanbul)

A Research on Nasreddin Hodja
Metin Hakverdioglu (Published 1996)

The Best Anecdotes of Nasreddin Hoca
Kemal Yorenc, Aksit Bookstores (Istanbul, 1996)

Nasreddin Hoca (Turkish)
Abdulbaki Golpinarli, Illustrated by Abidin Dino
ISBN 975-101-087-X, Inkilap Kitapevi (Istanbul, 1996)

Nasreddin Hoca´nin Dünyasi (Turkish)
Dr. Irfan Nasrattinoglu, ISBN 975-458-077-4
Türkiye Is Bankasi Yayinlari (Istanbul, 1996)

Nasreddin Hoca´ya Armagan (Turkish)
M. Sabri Koz, ISBN 975-329-090-4
Oglak Yayinlari (Istanbul, 1996)

600 Mulla Nasreddin Tales
Muhammad Ramazani (Published 1997, 1998)

The Obstinate Hodja
Kemal Esref Sakarya

The sayings and doings of Nasrudin the Wise
Michael Flanders

The tales of Nasrettin Hoca
Aziz Nesin

Tales of Nasreddin Khoja : 181 Mulla Nasreddin Stories
Henry D. Barnham (Publishing 2000)

MAIN HODJA LINKS  (No, I did not check these. you now should feel a bit more comfortable with using the Wayback Machine for sites no longer up and running.)
Nasreddin Hoca Person of The Millennium by Erol Abit
Nasreddin Hodja im Orienternet (German) by Ömer Faruk Gözelel Mirror
Hoca The Great by Learning Practical Turkish Web Site
Nasreddin Hodja stories by Turgut Durduran & Amy Alexieff
This Remainds Me Of A Story... by Ioan Tenner
Focus Kids (Mediterranean) by Focus Multimedia
600 years old jokes! by Shop 1000 (Istanbul)
Nasreddin Hodja by Stuart Alexander Rockefeller
Nasreddin Hodja by Tara Mulder
Molla Nasreddin - Comic Sage of the Ages by Azerbaijan International (4.3) Autumn 1996
Hodja Brand by Jeremy Schiff
Once the Hodja by Alice Geer Kelsey
Nasreddin Hodja by Alpay Karacali
Nasreddin Hodja, Tales of the Turkish Trickster retold by D. L. Ashliman
Google Web Directory
DMOZ Open Directory Project
Fool's Paradise by Peter Michaels


Next week I promise you will bring a devil of a story .

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