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Friday, January 20, 2023

"All Together Now" Summer Reading Theme

Getting sick has a benefit of time to think.  Covid hit this week.

I was in a rehearsal and lay down until I was due onstage.  When I got up I was so dizzy I looked drunk!  Actually up until the dizziness, I thought I just had a mild cold.  The dizziness was almost dismissed as a middle ear infection & I nearly didn't decide to go to the doctor.  (Guess I flunked my own medical certification.)  It was the last day I could be prescribed an experimental drug.  (My husband was told his beast of a cold started earlier & so he can't get medication for it, just treat the symptoms.)

Started taking it the night of the 18th & should finish the morning of the 25th.  At that point it is expected I can stop quarantining & wear a mask for the next 5 days as I may yet have some Covid germs I might spread. I'm told that with this latest highly contagious variant, the shots can't stop it, but can at least make it mild.  At the theatre at least 2 other people have gotten what appeared to be a mild cold, but turned out to be Covid.

This is the result of my Covid-affected thoughts.  I'd appreciate a reaction to it!

I've been mulling over the current multi-state collaborative Children's Summer Reading theme of "All Together Now" with it's inclusive message.  As one librarian I know said, when pondering program planning, "There's Friendship Bracelets, but we've already done that!"  Another saw a focus on Kindness.  

As I said, I've been mulling over it and realized if you offer folk tales from all over the world, the message comes through in a variety of ways.  This was the visual I put together for a postcard, with my contact information on the back.


Now the further mulling. . .  Does it say enough?  I plan a big stew pot with strips of paper for each of the many stories I might tell on the theme.  The child drawing from the stew pot the next story has the option of reading the title and the place where it originated or giving it to me to announce.  The stories often include participation for the entire group, several of my songs let a child choose a way for the audience to participate in an action of the child's choice, and, of course, I'll have a separate sauce pot to choose the next child helping me.  Depending on the audience size, that might let everyone have a turn since those song actions increase the number involved.

Of course some of the stories are Public Domain and might be posted here in my frequent Keeping the Public in Public Domain offerings

I'm curious to get reactions, both to my postcard and program plans before I commit to it.  Suggestions?  Reactions?

Right now I'm still in a MULLigan Stew.


Anonymous said...

I think the postcard looks great. I hope you recover completely and soon.

Jo Ann Seper Schremp said...

Hi, Lois! I think this is an absolutely wonderful idea! Younger kiddos might not get the significance, but it’s totally appropriate and inclusive. Who doesn’t like pulling things out of a pot???!!!