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Friday, September 29, 2023

Cemetery Walk coming October 8

When making your plan for next week, this is the third annual

I will be Mrs. Christena Reese.  She lived to be 94 and, after being married to Leman Allen for 24 years, after another 20 years on her own, was married to Joseph Reese.  The Reese farm gave us Reese Road.  Christena was his third wife in 1908!  He was 69 and she was 62.  Joseph was 81 when he died in 1921.  Once again on her own, she was active for her remaining 17 years.  Roughly after a generation growing up, she alternated  generation married with a generation alone, and then did it again.  

It's said the important things are what we do during "the dash."  Joseph came from Wales and Christena from Scotland.  Both packed a lot into their time during "the dash" here in Clarkston.

If you are curious about the roads you travel in the Clarkston area, this cemetery walk will give you a glance at how and why these six areas came to be.

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