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Thursday, October 28, 2010

When Disaster Strikes First Aid Kit

November is a month dominated by the Thanksgiving holiday.  What do you do when circumstances make it hard to be thankful?

Whether it's worry over health of your own or someone you love, a disaster, the irritation and difficulties of dealing with construction, whatever has you Coping with Chaos, this month I want to create a First Aid Kit for whenever you may need it.  This is a bit more personal than I expect most posts here, as my own personal need caused me to create this month's topic.  It also will not be a single post as I will break it into more than one segment.

As a storyteller I will start with stories, my own and others that fit this topic.  The other stories were also popular with my fellow storytellers when I asked them to suggest ways to Cope with Chaos (especially my own).  The next segment will explore suggestions most frequently mentioned.  After that I will add a variety of suggestions not offered by more than one person, but all may help.  Finally I'll list and discuss briefly some helpful books and give a webliography of helpful internet sites.

You may not need this First Aid Kit now.  That's o.k., just know it's here for when you, or someone you know, may need it.

You may also find the conclusions reached on the anniversary of our disaster at When Disaster Strikes One Year Later worth checking.