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Friday, October 29, 2010

When Disaster Strikes - Individual Ideas

These ideas came from only one person, but often it was a person who had been through disasters as bad or worse than my own.  Everybody has something to contribute, so I want to be sure and offer these since we all have different things that work for us.
  • Some people work better alone; some work better with company, do whatever works best for you.
  • Get a colleague to be a sounding board and do the same for that person; listen regularly to how much each of you have accomplished and give affirmations for that, but don’t tell each other how to do things.  Knowing you won’t be judged, but will be reporting, means you’ll accomplish more.
  • Your work may drop, especially if you have no staff to take over for you.
  • Put everything related to the problem out of your mind for a time.
  • Keep track of what you have done.
  • Read When Bad Things Happen to Good People - this will appear in the Bibliography/Webliography final segment.
  • If you seem to go beyond ordinary upset into Depression, see somebody credentialed and, if you have medication, take it.
  • Send a group email telling what happened to as many as possible / take every opportunity to write or tell others. -- As a storyteller, who usually doesn't tell personal stories, at first this felt like I was making excuses.  Do it anyway.  You and other people benefit from understanding why you are acting the way you are.  You may think you are acting normally, but it will help others understand why you are NOT.
  • Tell yourself “This may be awful today, but will make a great story someday.”
  • Accept that some days are just bitter, but some days are sweet or simply bland.
  • Know it will get better.
  • My favorite mantra: Sooooooooo watt (that came from a storytelling friend who worked through a fire in her home); another said over and over: Nothing is happening in this moment that I can’t handle – relax and believe it will all be as it should be in time.
  • Soothing music / hum, chant, sing.  In contrast to that, yet another suggested finding some times for silence.  (During those first weeks we found the ROAR! of the fans and drying machines overwhelming.)
I haven't always counted as much on these, but that doesn't mean I didn't try them in some cases.  I did pay extra attention to anybody who had experienced a similar event or worse.  Just trying an idea can be helpful as it means you are making an effort towards resolving your problem.


You may also find the conclusions reached on the anniversary of our disaster at When Disaster Strikes One Year Later worth checking.