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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Give a Cheer for Summer Reading!

It all began with a very tiny cheerleader outfit; then I found Priscilla Gorilla hanging around a Garage Sale and knew I'd found a new puppet sidekick to join me whether for National Reading Month or Summer Reading as I Give a Cheer for Heroes in the 398s! 

As winter starts to punch its way in, it's always great to think ahead to summer!  The multi-state library cooperative for summer reading programs in 2015 featured heroes. 2016 will continue those stories as they are all based on various sports.  This is why I especially thought about those heroic aspects so often found in folklore.
Of course I always have lots of stories filled with male and female heroes from folklore, BUT that cheerleading idea started to um, er, well . . . Snowball!

Priscilla already is looking forward to her debut, but in the meantime here are cheers for libraries, reading, and especially Summer Reading.  Because this also works for reading at all times of the year, some have alternate wording beyond summer.

  • My mother doesn't have to beg
          Or resort to any bribery
          'Cause I love reading all summer (or year) long

          At my local library!

(This next one might benefit from a bit of a southern accent)
  • Rah, rah, rah, and a Sis Boom Bah!
          All who love reading will go far!

  • Some kids play video games
          And keep on getting dumber,
          But I keep reading such good books

          All through the summer!

  • My brain never runs out of steam
          I'm on the (Summer) Reading Team!

  • Reading books will take you far
          Be a Summer Reading star!

and here's another cheer done two ways
  • 2, 4, 6, 8
          Summer Reading's really great!
         (or Reading books is really great!)

I stopped there because I know Priscilla and I will only have time for so many cheers in between stories and I will want my audience to join in, BUT I'm definitely interested in hearing from other readers if they might have even better cheers to contribute.  If permission is given, I'll either update this article or, if enough arrive, post a follow-up article.  Librarians who may never see Priscilla and me could always use something to cheer about, so feel free to get in touch with me.  Because I'm all over the internet with my storytelling I already gets hundreds of spam emails daily, so I don't mind mentioning my email address here: and you can see more about Summer Reading and my other programs at -- come and look!
LoiS(ummer...what a concept and Summer Reading makes it even better!)

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Anonymous said...

Love your cheers! Thanks for sharing!