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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Hauff - The Wonder Child - part 3 - Keeping the Public in Public Domain

Detroit Puppeteers Guild's Day of Puppetry

"We interrupt this broadcast for breaking news!"   I want to let anyone able to come to Livonia next week know about the annual Day of Puppetry where I will do a workshop on creating a puppet sidekick.  Check my blog's sidebar for articles on the topic of puppets.

Now let us open Hauff's Caravan Tales to see what is happening to "The Wonder Child."
"A Caravan in the Desert" by Norman Ault -- frontispiece to Caravan Tales - J.G.Hornstein edition
We closed part 2 with the boy adjusting to the strangeness of his two companions and also a hint that he had developed "marvelous talents for cookery".  He also believes he's been dreaming.  
Has it all been a dream?
from Andrew Lang's Violet Fairy Book - "The History of Dwarf Long Nose" by H.J.Ford -- note the boy is called Jem and his mother is called Hannah

"Poor little Wonder!  What a hideous spectacle he presented" by Norman Ault

The joys of transliterating Arabic script, Hornstein calls this newest person entering the barber shop a Kadi.  I've sometimes seen it as Cadi.  Looking further, although English almost always follows a "q" with a "u", here's all three along with what he is:
A qadi (Arabic: قاضي‎; also cadi, kadi or qāḍī) is a judge who reviews civil, judicial and religious matters according to Islamic law.

Surely things are about to change.  Be sure come back for Part 4, "Cook to the Kadi."

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