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Saturday, November 11, 2017

"La guerre ç'est finie!" - Armistice Day and Veterans Day

On the eleventh day of the eleventh month at the eleventh hour the cry Oleda and other "Hello Girls" and our soldiers in 1917 heard: La guerre ç'est finie!

Here in the Detroit metro area it took a day to appear on the front page.  I'm going to give it in two sizes to help show both the headlines and a bit of the front page articles.  My apologies for the imperfections of bringing this hundred year old front page to you, but think you will appreciate not only the war articles, but a few other bits that made it onto the front page.

and then these two halves of the front page:
Here is a photo of the "Hello Girls" switchboard in Paris at the peace talks.

Oleda was 150 miles away at the headquarters of the American Expeditionary Force, where General Pershing preferred the U.S. military to be based "Over There."

While any war ended is to be celebrated and the Veterans certainly should be remembered as we do every November 11, unfortunately we know it was naive to say it was the "War to end all wars."  Pray for our military and our veterans living with the aftereffects of their service.

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