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Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Photo by Callie Gibson on Unsplash
I don't like to do this, but figure it's better to do this as an Update than even try to find a story to post this week.  I'm so "out of it"  I don't believe I could think my way out of a paper bag. has a photo that is a great visual of how I feel.

Stanislavski said "There are no small parts, only small actors."  I agree.  I just wish I hadn't agreed to be in a play right now.  Didn't even audition for it, but the director is a friend who was in need and  told me "only 1 line and 2 weeks of rehearsals."  It's been 4 weeks and we open this Friday.   I'm onstage for all court scenes and see myself as reacting as I hope the audience will. 

If you're here in the metro area, I hope you can come.  (The play version is very different from the movie.)

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