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Friday, December 10, 2021

10 Minute Look at My Historical Storytelling

This past week a group of adult librarians wanted to see what I offer in the way of historical programs.  Since I'm a storyteller, it was different from the slide shows and PowerPoint presentations of other presenters of historical programs.

I created a video that went from telling  spooky stories from the metro Detroit area to the two stories of real people in Michigan history (pioneer times, an Underground Railroad Station, the Civil War, or a bilingual "Hello Girl" phone operator in World War I), then on to my programs that are an amalgamation of people who were 1-room school teachers or as a Hired Girl telling about Victorian Christmas in America, followed by my "High Times in Dry Times" look at Prohibition and the "Roaring 20s" here in Michigan where we supplied 3/4 of the smuggled alcohol, and even a remembrance of growing up in the 50s that can serve as an introduction to a program capturing and writing memories.

The video is at my YouTube channel.  I keep a few videos private to serve as virtual programs, but want people to have an access point to seeing what I can present.  

You may notice the program ends with a mention of my work towards the 250th anniversary of the Revolution here in the United States.  It won't be of a Michigan woman, but she lived over 100 years, long enough to bring an inside view of what I call "History as seen by the 'average' person."  Sarah Matthews Reed Osborn Benjamin may not have been as well-known as Martha Washington or Betsy Ross, but she certainly had an inside view of the Revolution.  Her story is going to be worth sharing.

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