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Saturday, June 27, 2020


E-books may be an alternative, but I'm delighted Michigan's libraries now are in the stage where curbside service has opened up.  Next I look forward to inter-library deliveries!

Added to that, this longtime librarian/storyteller agrees with author Neil Gaiman saying "Google can bring you 100,000 answers, a librarian can bring you back the right one."

I still substitute in libraries.  I wasn't ready to abandon my skills even though my freelance focus is on storytelling.  The main problem with storytelling right now is I must either do it virtually or in large areas where the audience is spread out, wearing masks.  To continue as a storyteller, I have begun offering virtual storytelling programs.  Back on March 4th, as I was about to be in the opening of the musical, Grease, things already were starting to shut down.  The difference was it came without an official Executive Order.  I stand by what I said then:
I strongly believe there's a HUGE difference in the impact of LIVE performance and recorded shows or storytelling.  It's because of this I'm taking seriously some of the ways Coronavirus is starting to impact our travel and gatherings in theatres, schools, churches, athletic events, and more.  I really don't want to indulge in scaring people, but even the Olympics may be affected.  Digital conferencing is taking the place of meetings and conferences.  The stockmarket, always reacting to any potential impact on business, has magically transformed Bulls into Bears. 
The Olympics and much more were indeed affected.  Digital conferences are now so numerous they compete with each other.  Prophetically I said, "minimal exposure  may affect the live and in-person aspects of storytelling and theatre.  A videoconference or YouTube performance does not equal live productions."

"Social Distancing" really should have been called "Physical Distancing", yet it's true the social distancing of the current pandemic affects programs.   Everybody loses when audiences are distant in so many ways.  I sincerely hope this "new normal" eventually becomes the "temporary normal."

UPDATE:  This video from Guthrie Theater's director says it all and it encompasses storytelling, too.  

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