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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

It's _Thanks_giving Day, NOT Turkey Day!

At the risk of growling like a bear, it's supposed to be Thanksgiving, NOT Turkey Day.  It also doesn't need to be a day to make retail workers leave their family so people can shop earlier for bargains.

That picture, by the way, comes from a company called and they also branch out a bit with lovable pandas, gorillas, and hippos.  They do a lot with different holidays including this unusual quandary
Carrots or Cupcake? It's the age old your inner bear for the right answers, Shaggy Cuddles

from the blog at for National Dessert Day .  If you go to that link you'll find out the answer.  (I love their saying "hey - isn't that every day?")

Well I guess those cute teddy bears, pandas, gorillas, and even the hippos have sweetened me up a bit.  I hope you come back as this Saturday I'll post my "translation" of James Whitcomb Riley's tall tale called "Bear Story."

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