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Monday, July 16, 2012

Storytellers as Viewed by Mark

Mark sent me 45 photos.  Many were of his storytelling friends and acquaintances.  Look out!  If you were ever at a National Storytelling Conference with Mark, you may be here!

These "family photos" are posted in no particular order except as they came in the envelope to me.  The identification also was made by Mark.  There are a few mysteries here, so feel free to tell me if you know of identifications missing or incorrect.  (Spacing is due to the quirks of Blogger working with the different size pictures.)
Jack McGuire and Mike Myers
Margie MacDonald and Jeff Gere
Marnie Gillard
UPDATE: Mary Hamilton has confirmed she's the other person in this photo.
Kevin Cordi and ?
Pleasant DeSpain
Leeny Del Seamonds
Granny Sue and Doug Elliott

Margie MacDonald
L to R Granny Sue, Angela Clark, Vickie Dworkin (and Bufo the day she got him?), ??, Batsy, and Jane Crouse

Linda King Pruitt, Priscilla Howe, Angela Klingler
Denver Storytell Swap

Denver Storytell Swap

Dr. DeLight

Andre Roche (LSK: ? Antonio Roche with wig?)

Liz Weir

Karen Chace and Dianne de Las Casas in Denver

Tim Sheppard at Denver Swap
Tim Sheppard, Mary Grace Ketner, and I'll remember her name in a minute
UPDATE: Tim Sheppard's confirmed the third person is "the lovely Sheila Darr."                                           

Mark and "I don't remember her name (just loved the colors in her clothes)"


O.k., I lied.  Saved two of my favorite Michigan storytellers for last.
Judy Sima

Yvonne Healy

The next posts will be from the Providence and possibly Denver National Storytelling Conference general parade.

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